A Secret to Trading Forex!

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Forex Trading Secret Tips #1 : “ONE MAN SHOW” Psychology [Free EA-TRIAL] – English

Copyright © 2017, KAYINCO Team We – the analysts and IT programmers who dedicated and specialises ourselves into the world’s GOLD market, especially on the “XAUUSD” instrument – are offering you the way of trading with the methods of “KAYINCO”, which includes long-term strategy (Reversal-Trend) and short-term strategy (Scalping). www.KAYAINSTAN.com

How to use 1 Forex MT4 Expert Advisor trade many currencies, timeframes, settings at the same time

NEWEST VIDEO MUST WATCH: “+1000 Forex traders prove that direction is NOT important when entering Forex trades ✔️ Manage them!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh9XTz13Ado –~– Expert4x Products How to use 1 Forex MT4 Expert Advisor trade many currencies, timeframes, settings at the same time Thanks for watching this Expert4x video Information links below) :- Please LIKE it and or leave a […]

Forex Auto Trading Robot 2017 – PART 01 – sinhala

~~ SAW FOREX ~~ මගේ මුල් video එකෙන් කිව්වේ , ( මුල් Video එක බැලුවේ නැත්තම් මෙතනින බලන්න. https://youtu.be/CX-Lqedo948 ) ” දැන් ඉතින් මාසේ අන්තිමට නිකම් ඉඳගෙන සල්ලි තමයි. අවශ්‍ය වන්නේ Computer එකක් සහ Data connection එකක පමණයි. ” ඔන්න දැන් ඒක ඔප්පුකරලම පෙන්වනවල ඉවරයි. අනික ඔප්පුකරල තියෙන්නේ Demo Account වල නෙවෙයි Real Account වල. මේක ඉවරවෙනකම් බලන්න. […]

7 Forex Trading Tips and Tricks (Become a Better Trader Overnight)

Learn my best trading tips to massively improve your trading results. SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2MsGjRR If you want more actionable trading tips and strategies, go to https://www.tradingwithrayner.com FOLLOW ME AT: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/forextradingwithrayner Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rayner_teo My YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2EFg5VN 0:25 Forex Trading Tip #1 Enter your trades near market structure. So let me share with you how not to do it, […]

How To Day Trade Using Fractals – Market Turns, Breakouts and Draw Trend Lines Using Fractals.

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[LIVE STREAM] FOREX TECHNICAL ANALYSIS – 16.10.2016 (Trading Chart Analysis)

NOTE: Sorry for delays/poor quality. Unfortunately the YouTube live stream was lagging on Sunday. In this live stream, we look at the charts for the coming week and go through the technical analysis on the charts. This video is not intended to replace your own analysis. Make sure you do your own technical analysis before entering any trades. […]

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