ProfipipsHunter Expert Advisor WG + Aggressor (Autotrade FREE Forex Robot)

Dear All EA Traders, Since 2018 is going to end and Xmas is coming as well, time for sharing what I have tested for a while. It won’t be specific with guide, there are random setfiles/templates/profiles, use them wisely. Included in the Dropbox are WGAggressor EA and also reversed version as well, with presets included for Password: ProfipipsHunter, […]

Biggest Forex Stop Hunt in Modern History!

Subscribe to Rustums YouTube Channel – ✔ Learn How To Trade Forex Stop Hunts: CHF/JPY forex stop hunt trade outcome on the 15 minute chart. This was a potential trade setup I posted a video on last week. Here was that video: CHF/JPY Forex Stop Hunt Trade Entry – Setup Forming Part 1 **SUBSCRIBE TO […]

Forex Trading System -4 Things I Learned From A Professional Trader Who Trades For A Living

One way to keep informed with the pulse of the market in between periods that you are not trading is to hear from your trading friends about their trading exploits, the amount of money they earned from their successful trades or listen to their sad tales of woe that came as they lost somewhat in their trades. But […]

Buy Forex Signal Software – A Review of the Best Forex Software Available

Many people are looking to buy forex signal software, and for good reason. While there are scores of options out there, one really stands out above all the rest. The FAP Turbo program is the easiest to use and has consistently produced the best results using real time trading data. Too many programs I have run across only […]

Best Forex Books For Beginners | Trading In The Zone Review Part 1

Check out Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas: Trading the Forex Market can be a blessing or a curse. It is widely said that of all traders, 90% are losers and only 10% are winners. To become a part of the 10%, we must do what the 10% do. According to Mark Douglas, in “Trading in […]

How To Allocate Correct Position Sizing in Forex

Forex Training – – A common question I get asked at the website is how to allocate correct position sizing in Forex. Well, that is a good question, let me share how to do it easily depending on the risk a trader is using. The method I show in this video is a manual method of […]

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