Day Trading Strategy – How to Trade the US Open Like a Professional Trader

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In today’s video we show you a very powerful day trading strategy and how to day trade the US open like a professional trader.

You will learn how the day trading strategy works, as well as how to time your entries, where to place your stops and how to qualify your trade for high day trading probabilities.

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11 thoughts on “Day Trading Strategy – How to Trade the US Open Like a Professional Trader”

  • In order to avoid losing everything to bad trades, you need a professional trader with good trading strategies who will help you check those flight impulses that we all have, and Mr Duke Richards has really helped me in this regard. He has helped me get better at trading and building my sizeable portfolio.

  • Fantastic! I'm planning to trade bullish setups on strong volume during power hour and hold my positions overnight for a morning gap up. What are your thoughts on that George?

  • It’s feels blissful seeing this post, I’m beginning to get my confidence back, I met with an expert at a trading conference in Cyprus and he agreed to handle trades on my behalf and mentor me.
    I believe this is the best way to start trading as a beginner, since I’ve started trading with expert I’ve had no reason to regret. I just felt I should share the opportunity I had to make wealth.

  • I'm confused by what you offer. You seem to be a futures trader. I think in another video you said you only trade futures because it is more tax efficient and you'd have to pay much more taxes if you traded equities. But when I go to the website, it sounds like you are teaching stocks and options more. It sounds like futures is more of an afterthought. The marketing strategy leaves me a bit confused of what it is you specialize in, but I'm looking for a trading room that trades the /es or /nq on the US market open. Do you guys do that in the trading room every day?

  • And add to that the daily /weekly main pivots along with the openings, in fact the weekly pivots will determine the direction of PA provided you've done your homework.

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