Forex Courses Don't Work

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Why you are wasting time taking courses on Forex.

After working with thousands of traders and being obsessed with data, I wanted to figure out why there was such a high failure rate.

Upon analysing our data of behavioural patterns and predictable trader journeys, we were able to identify many insights and statistics.

One of them is that Trading courses DO NOT WORK.

Not on their own anyway.

The reason they don’t work is:

1) No Direction or Guidance
2) D.D.G
3) No Accountability
4) No Tools
5) No Nuance Experience

The truth is, you need all of the above for a course to be effective in your learning.

Hopefully you found this helpful.

Please comment below if you can relate to the points made in this video and share with us some of the courses that haven’t worked for you.

Until next time, take Care.

Jason G

DISCLAIMER: I am a professional investor and trader. I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimise risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.


38 thoughts on “Forex Courses Don't Work”

  • So glad I watched this video, because this is exactly why I could not understand trading or forex trading for that matter. A lot of the education out here just sucks

  • Hey Jason thanks for the video it was informative. I'm new to learning about Forex and really enjoying learning about it. I've been watching a lot of introductory videos of it learning the basics, there was a particularly good one from Adam Khoo of a lesson 1 introduction.
    What would you recommend someone in my position to do next that hasn't signed up for a course but is still learning the basics?


  • Jason im good at spotting harmonic patterns but im struggling with entries… I also use supply and demand… 1h.. 4h and Daily time frame is what i use and it takes forever. Can i use the 5m and 15m timeframe when spotting patterns

  • I really want to learn to trade! I already invest with Vanguard every month, but I really want to be able to trade. I don't understand the buying option etc such as: Order price? What is it, what numbers do I put in for it. Another one is Quantity? I think once I master understanding these and a few other things, i'll be fine. Here's another one: Stop-price-pips-P/L and Limit-price-pips-P/L I understand that (Stop) means stop-loss, but what goes in price-pips-P/L box? And the same with Limit, I understand it as to get out when I reach my desired level; but what do I place in these boxes lol. Any advice or help would be very welcoming guys, thank you. I have taken a screenshot so you can see it and get a better understanding of what I mean, but I can't upload it for some reason.

  • Very much a novice, I know very little about forex. I’ve stumbled across Infinite Prosperity teaching whilst trying to learn about money management and purchased the platinum course. I like Lewis and Amy (the owners/teachers). I think forex is a tough one as there seems to be so much to it, I heard a phrase the other day “forex isn’t complicated, but it is complex”. There’s so much on social media that makes forex out to be easy quick money, the reality appears to be very different. I love Jason at tier one, however the prices at this moment are just out of my reach (recovering financially from a divorce). When there is a shift I would love to have more exposure to you guys, I love the theory, but I defo learn by doing.

  • Forex Courses vary greatly. The point is… no matter how good the course… a course by itself is not going to work.. you need the combination of courses and tools and coaching, trading rooms, strategy development and backtesting as well as interaction with other traders that are devoted to doing it right and making sure you do to… The holy grail is no ONE component but a collection of many…. that's what makes Tier One Unique … there is no equal…. Period…. (mic drop)…. LOL

  • Hi Jason. You are a great educator and I love your work. You have always been a stalwart. But in terms of free education there is a certain guy by the name of VP and his channel, no nonsense forex, is absolutely free and it is by far the most comprehensive and to the point forex education out there. Sorry for doing it here Jason but he deserves some credit for his superb efforts. But also thanks for the gold that you keep bringing. Cheers

  • Courses do work you just need to find the good ones.

    I recommend Forex4Noobs, it's where I started and without learning from him I wouldn't be consistently profitable.

  • I love your videos. I’m trying to learn trading, or get a sense of trading, not because I want to trade myself, rather I want to learn so that I can engage more with my son who is learning, and has a passion for trading. We’ve enjoyed many hours of quality time together watching all your videos 😊 👍 🙏🏼

  • WOW!!!…Look how far you have come, Jason. You realized at an early stage that the status quo wasn't going to satisfy you. You no doubt thought long and hard about what this thing called life is all about, and decided that it's life with passion or no life at all. Congratulations!!!…Your wife , children and true friends are in good hands. For any aspiring traders reading this and starting out in your journey to freedom, You have found the right channel.

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  • I think the courses help a lot it has so many information with people have much more experience than I am it depends on who's absorbing much faster and have the well to get educated I have now more then five courses and because of them I doubled my Capital twice in just a few weeks

  • So True! I just quit a forex course because the information (1) was available free online (2) the person running the course made too many promises ("if you do this, you going to make money") which I knew was totally false and (3) he didn't even care that I quit. No email to try to bring me back in. All I got was an email with him telling me how much fun he's having in some foreign country trading. That was probably paid for with my dollars. I doubt he even makes REAL substantial money doing forex. NO MORE!!!

  • I brought the tier one course, an as a new person to trading it lacks direction, in the groups comments for new traders folks was asking where do they start, look at how your course is set up, remember when you was new to trading and put out a product from that view.

  • teach yourself ….there is alot of good video on youtube and ,you can find courses free ,stop being lazy and gullible…it kills me when people spend thousands on courses what a bunch of SUCKERS…………….

  • Great video Jason, My nephew buys courses and still has no idea, he doesn't even understand margin yet.. I've tried but he always want to be in a trade. I think he's the 93%

  • Hello, great video. I agree with what you said. About 6 months ago, I bought Nial Fullers course, and I learned a fair bit. I think I should go over it again though, there are parts of this course I understand, but there are some things I will have to go over again. I also bought the book 'Naked Forex' by Walter Peters, which I loved. Cheers, Rob.

  • well, have taken like 4 trading courses including the one from your former trading class(bought a $250 indicator too, the problem is that you forex educators just seel your stuff and move on. you have over 50+ subscribers to deal with and being a forex mentor to one person is daunting on its own talkless of 50. it's what it is I have c0me to realize that in Fx it's a lonely journey which you have to take by yourself

  • I am a beginner. The thing that I have found is there is zero direction out there. I think the important thing is to find an avenue that sparks your own interest that keeps you engaged. I do not believe you need to spend a dime on any program, but it is a necessity to have someone who can push you and give you real advice. Demo trading is essential.

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