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Every trader has their good and bad trades, but it’s always important to surround yourself with your biggest accomplishments. Having already spoken about my worst trade, I wanted to highlight the best one. EVEN BETTER, it isn’t my best because it made the most profit, but because it is the one that lit the torch paper and started me down the path of professional trading!

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6 thoughts on “My BEST Ever Trade? -Forex Trading”

  • Really like to hear Gregg talk. Such a good speaker with an intelligence level through the roof. Would have succeeded in anything he chose to do. A little of right place, right time, but ultimately he succeeded because he was a very clever individual with the oppitunity and motivation to succeed, and fair play, he made it work!

  • I used to trade from ceefax p211 If I recall, which was delayed by 15 mins, traded options with Redmayne Bentley, the internet was just a glint in it's pappy's AI.
    My best trade was on the S+PMIB (ftsemib now), a fifty pence spread bet held overnight (haha) with Tradindex (ETX now). I woke to find £355 profit in my two grand account. As you say sir, hooked from that moment. I spent the next month or so wrestling with unleaded gasoline, whereupon I realised I was sabotaging myself on purpose because my wife was a right greedy cow. hehe Okay that's a lie, we all know what really happened.

    I'm here to say thank you Greg Secker, I'm one of the people you helped to see something that repeats, I already knew a fair bit you see, and was able to use something you said during your presentation (regarding the early morning spike is all I'll say), which morphed into an integral part of how I assess turning points and sentiment for swing trades, it offers comfort and confidence. It's really very important to me and is so much a part of my master plan I cannot tell you. I hope this reaches you as intended, and may it serve as an endorsement to anyone reading with regards to your experience and higher understanding of price action. Very best regards to you and Merry Christmas.

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