Simple Forex Tester Program – Best MT4 Based Testing Platform

Simple Forex Tester Program – . Best MT4 Based Testing Platform

INSTANTLY Convert MetaTrader 4’s “Strategy Tester” Into A Professional Grade Manual Testing Platform! Speed up/Slow Down Market Replay Highly Accurate Tests For All Pairs Since 2005 Optimize Your Trading Without Risking a Dime!

Increase Your Skill
No matter what skill level you possess, Simple Forex Tester will allow you to leverage the most powerful Forex trading platform in the world to practice your systems and your trading…without risking a single dime!

The Power To Rewind Time.
Simple Forex Tester unlocks a HUGE feature in MetaTrader 4 which allows you to “rewind” the markets and practice your trading and systems! Simulate your manual trading at any point in history on any currency pair you wish, and practice your trading without risking anything!

Training Videos
Simple Forex Tester comes with a full and complete set of educational videos, recorded by the software creator. These videos will guide you through every aspect of Simple Forex Tester, step by step to ensure you can get the absolute most out of your testing efforts.

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